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gwabbit just updated to v1.0.63

gwabbit just updated to v1.0.63 for both the free and paid version. It is supported by OS 4.6 and above. If you have 4.2 to 4.5  you still have available version 1.051. This new update features the “Flashback”. What does this mean? The “Flashback” makes sure you’ll never miss a contact by placing a note in your inbox. Check this out…

So what is “Flashback” and what does it do”? According to the gwabbitat, it does the following:

If you close an email before gwabbing the contact and adding it to your address book, no worries! gwabbit adds an item to your inbox with the contact name. Just open it and you will see the familiar gwabbit alert — just click and save as usual.

When you save contacts, you’ll find an item in your inbox, marked with the gwabbit wabbit. This keeps you informed of the contacts you added to your address book.

In addition, you will see a gwabbit counter at the top of the screen showing the number of unopened/unsaved contacts detected by gwabbit, similar to the counter for unopened emails or SMS messages.

There are two ways to update. One, by checking your BlackBerry App World if you got your gwabbit from there. You should see a little asterisk by the gwabbit in your apps in My World. Or you can go to the gwabbit site and get it yourself.

I updated mine, and it was pretty neat to see the rabbit in my inbox, integrating nicely. So if you have 4.6 and above, update your gwabbit and enjoy the “Flashback” and never missing a contact again!

update your gwabbit from the gwabbit site here

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Garansi TeleTama: Appointed BlackBerry Distributor di Indonesia

Kartu Garansi BlackBerry Indonesia

Garansi TeleTama: Appointed BlackBerry Distributor di Indonesia

Mulai 31 Maret 2010, karena RIM sudah appoint distributor resmi di Indonesia dan menjual BlackBerry Handheld lewat ritel outlet di seluruh Indonesia.

User BlackBerry di Indonesia tidak perlu lagi beli Handheld dari Black Market atau parallel import ataupun dari operator BIS Indonesia.

RIM Indonesia sudah appoint authorized BlackBerry distributor “Teletama” yang sudah mempunyai jaringan 80 toko ritel menjual BlackBerry Handheld resmi garansi oleh RIM Indonesia.

Pertama kali di Asia, RIM Indonesia menjual BlackBerry Handheld tanpa bundling operator dengan garansi resmi.

Untuk list Authorized BlackBerry Retailer Indonesia, bisa dilihat di bawah ini

Authorized BlackBerry Retailers Indonesia

List of Authorized BlackBerry Retailers  in Indonesia:

Jakarta BlackBerry Authorized Retailers:
Toko PDA
1  Plaza Surabaya  New Handphone Centre Lt.2/6D
2  Emporium Mall  Emporium Pluit Mall Lt.2 Blok 2-35A
3  Pondok Indah Mall (PDA)  Pondok Indah Mall North Skywalk Lt.2 no.N207B
4  ITC Kuningan  ITC Kuningan Lt.3 Jembatan No.20B
5  Mall Puri Indah  Mall Puri Indah Lt.1 No.144A
6  Grand Indonesia  Grand Indonesia West Mall Lt.3 No.2
7  Pondok Indah Mall (Notebook Gear)  Pondok Indah Mall North Skywalk LT.2 No.N203A
8  Mangga Dua Mall  Mangga Dua Mall Lt.3 No.20B
9  Mall Taman Anggrek  Mall Taman Anggrek Ground Floor No.A17
10  Surabaya Town Square  Town Square Surabaya Lt.1 No.75
11  Mall Kelapa Gading I  Mall Kelapa Gading I Lt.2 No.362
12  EX – Plaza Indonesia  Plaza EX Lt.1 EX 43
13  Plaza Semanggi  Plaza Semanggi Lt.2 No.17C
POINT 2000
1  P2K Mega Mall  Pluit Village Lt.3 No.65
2  P2K Bogor  Plaza Jambu Dua Lt.1 Blok B4 No.2
3  P2K Roxy Mas  ITC Roxy Mas Lt.3 No.95
4  P2K ITC Cempaka Mas  ITC Cempaka Mas Lt.4 Blok L No.993
5  P2K Bekasi  Mega Bekasi Hypermall Lt.UG No.28-29
6  P2K Permata Hijau  Grand ITC Permata Hijau Lt.3 Blok D09 No.1
7  P2K ITC Cibinong  ITC Cibinong Lt.1 Blok D3 No.1
8  P2K SGC Cikarang  Sentra Grosir Cikarang LG/Kuning No.8-9
9  P2K Cempaka Mas 2  ITC Cempaka Mas Lt.4 Blok L No.1039
10  P2K Karawaci  E-Center Supermal Karawaci Upper Ground H3 No.1-2
C-Palm / Inve-Store
1  Plaza Senayan  Plaza Senayan Lt.1 No.108C, Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
2  Ratu Plaza  Ratu Plaza Computer Center Lt.3 No.32B
3  Plaza Indonesia  Plaza Indonesia LB#59, Jl.M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
1  Erafone Samarinda  Jl. Ahmad Yani No.40B RT.09, Samarinda
2  Erafone Tanjung Karang  Jl. Wolter Mongonsidi No.32A, Tanjung Karang, Bandar Lampung
3  Multibrand – ITC Roxy Mas 1  Plaza Indonesia LB#59, Jl.M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
4  Multibrand – WTC Matahari  WTC Matahari Serpong Lt.Dasar Blok.G No.39, Tangerang
5  Multibrand – Cempaka Mas  ITC Cempaka Mas Lt.4 Blok.O No.208
6  Multibrand – Karawaci  E-Center Supermal Karawaci LG No.E3A
7  ITC BSD  ITC BSD Lt.1 Blok.C5 No.7, Tangerang
8  Multibrand – TAMINI Square  TAMINI Square Lt.2 SS7 No.5-6 Lot E 07-08
9  Multibrand – ITC Depok  ITC Depok Lt.2 No.132, Depok
10  Multibrand – Ambasador  Mall Ambasador Lt.3A No.6
11  Multibrand – Plaza Semanggi  Plaza Semanggi Lt.2 Blok B No.20
12  Multibrand – Hyper Bekasi  Mega Bekasi Giant Hypermall Lt.1 No.266-267
13  Multibrand – Metropolitan Mall 2 Bekasi  Metropolitan Mall 2 Lt.3 No.330
14  Multibrand – Ekalokasari  Plaza Ekalokasari Lt.3 No.8, Jl. Siliwangi No.123, Bogor
15  Multibrand – Point Square  Point Square Giant Lebak Bulus Lantai Dasar No.38

Bandung BlackBerry Authorized Retailers
Rukun Handal:
1  Mega Cell  Jl. Abdul Rachman Saleh No.30
2  Atlantic Cell  BEC LG F01
3  Dukomsel  Jl. Ir.H.Juanda No.71
4  Royal Cell  BEC LG B02
5  Kingkong Cell  Jl. Lodaya No.99
6  Mitra Cell  BEC LG F02
7  CellStar  Jl. Lengkong No.73B
8  Gadget Anda  BEC UG C17
9  Media Cell  BEC UG E12
10  Qiqi Cell  BEC LU F01
11  Options  BEC UG G08-09
12  Perdana Handphone  Jl. Soekarno Hatta 590 MTC Mall Blok FF 1301-1302
13  Gemilang  Jl. Mekar Makmur No.35, Mekar Wangi
14  Indi Cell  BEC UG C05
15  Gadtorade  BEC LU H.15, Jl. Purnawarman 13-15, Bandung 40117

Surabaya BlackBerry Authorized Retailers:
1  Delta Plaza  Mall Delta Plaza Lt.2 EC-R/3 No.18D-19D
2  WTC-D  WTC Lt.1 Bawah Elevator No.176
3  WTC-109  WTC Lt.1 No.109-110
4  PM-2  Plaza Marina Pusat Ponsel Lt.2 Blok H No.201
5  TP  Tunjungan Plaza Lt.2 No.3A
6  SPM  Supermall Lt.LG No.106
7  Galaxy  Galaxy Mall Techno Zone Lt.2 No.TZ12A-14
1  Tristar – WTC  WTC Galeria Lt. 1 No. 8732 

Makasar BlackBerry Authorized Retailers
1  Universal  JL.G.BAWAKARAENG NO.5

Palembang BlackBerry Authorized Retailers
Telemarco, Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No.68 RT.02, 5 ilir-ilir Timur II 

Bali BlackBerry Authorized Retailers:
1  Rajawali Cellular  Jl. Teuku Umar No.14A

Medan BlackBerry Authorized Retailers:
Selular 1  Jl. Guru Patimpus No.1 GG, Medan

Jawa Tengah BlackBerry Authorized Retailers:

Smart Phone
1  Puri Anjasmoro – Jogja  Puri Anjasmoro B2/15 Lt.2
2  Solo Square  Solo Square Lt.1-01B
3  Mall Ciputra – Semarang  Mall Ciputra East Extention No.IX


BlackBerry Authorized Distributor Indonesia

Teletama Artha Mandiri
Pusat Niaga Roxy Mas Blok C4 No. 6-7
Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari, Jakarta 10150, Indonesia

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Free Game: Dots for BlackBerry

This is a classic game most of us might have played with pencil & paper. Now you can play this game right on your BlackBerry without making any dent to your wallet. It’s completely free, fun game and easy to understand and enjoyable for all ages.

As mentioned in the description on how to play this game, start with an empty grid of dots, players take turns, adding a single horizontal or vertical line between two un joined adjacent dots. A player who completes the fourth side of a box earns one point and takes another turn. The game ends when no more lines can be placed. The winner of the game is the player with the most points. All you have to do is click on the space between adjacent dots to add a line connecting them. Enjoy the fun graphics and unlimited number of move undos while you improve your skills against the computer or defeat your friend!

The game is compatible with BlackBerry Storm 9500, 9530, Storm2 9550/9520, Curve 8900, 8930, Tour 9630/9650 and Bold 9700.

To download


Rad Guard V.0.1.0 for Blackberry

‎Rad Guard V.0.1.0 for Blackberry application anti radiation

Masih ingat laporan hasil survey radiasi Blackberry?

Radiation Level Blackberry bisa menyebabkan kanker otak,lemah otak dan berbagai akibat yang berhubungan dengan saraf-saraf otak!

Patent-pending Technology melakukan monitor untuk blackberry anda terhadap tingkatan transmisi dan pencatatan radiasi blackberry anda biar lebih aman

Membantu anda mengecilkan dari Radiasi dan menghindari dari resiko nya…

Rad Guard adalah aplikasi terbaru dari Patent Pending technology yang dapat mengontrol blackberry anda…

Free DownLoad OTA

Fancy Character (Trial 3 days)

Download here for Trial 3 days

Application ini adalah application menambahkan icon-icon pada BlackBerry Messager anda
Dengan Berbagai macam icon.
Setelah intalasi selesai tinggal tekan menu blackberry dan pilih Fancy Char

icon-icon ini hanya bisa di BlackBerry Messenger

Yang berminat untuk membeli licensi codenya silahkan Hubungin tekan disini via Email

Free Email Translator

download here from blackberry app world

Email Translator, aplikasi sederhana yang dapat menterjemahkan langsung email dan sms anda ke / dari sekitar 40 bahasa!

Untuk mulai menggunakannya cukup ikuti langkah-langkah ini:

1. Tetapkan pilihan untuk sumber dan bahasa target
2. Simpan pengaturan
3. Buka email atau pesan, kemudian tekan tombol menu BlackBerry ®
Anda akan melihat aplikasi tercantum pada menu BlackBerry ®
4. Memilih pasangan bahasa dan kemudian Email Translator menerjemahkan email anda tsb
5. Bisa juga dipergunakan untuk mentranslate sms.
6. Juga dapat menerjemahkan bahasa sumber.
Jadi, jika Anda pernah mendapatkan email atau sms dalam bahasa lain dan ingin tahu apa artinya, maka emailTranslator akan menterjemahkan untuk Anda

Hybrid Willyboy 9000 v1.1

DownLoad Here

This is a hybrid for the Bold 9000. It is best to run this hybrid off the base OS Then run the .exe and install the hybrid, shrink as necessary, and launch loader.

This is a .461/.509/.530/.536 build.

600+ .509 files
40+ .530 files
500+ .536 files

Wifi is ridiculously fast, you will not find a faster boot time. My 9000 booted up in 1 minute and 10 seconds flat. Overall UI transitions are seamless and the browser hardly lags at all. .509 was a GREAT base OS, but by adding some of the best files from .530 and .536 it got even better.

About screen will read .509 with this build. Check applications>modules or read system using BBSAK to verify that it is installed. The first boot took an abnormally long time for me. Please don’t let this scare you. I promise once you get past that first load you will be impressed.

Step hybrid OS

Download Os basenya dan ikuti langkah-langkah di bawah ini

• Hapus vendor.xml setelah install OS terdahulu

• Install langsung atau bisa ekstrak file hybridnya difolder lain lalu copas di folder Java:
c:\program files\common files\Research in Motion\Shared\ Loader Files\[Nama OS terinstall]\ Java

• Sebelum colok HandHeld ke PC copot sim card dan memory card

• Buka Desktop Manager

• Colok HandHeld ke PC backup data dan 3rd application (optional), close DM

• wipe Handheld dengan memakai JL_CMDR atau menggunakan BBSAK

• Run Loader.exe atau update software dari Desktop Manager

• Install OS pake Loader.exe di C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\ Loader.exe

• Jika ingin restore gunakan DM dan restore file yang ber extension ipd

Tell me The Time

Application yang memungkinkan anda melihat waktu tanpa membuka menu utama pada handheld andai

tinggal tekan menu blackberry anda

TellMeTheTime is a simple app which shows the current time in every menu on your BlackBerry. It tries to solve the problem where you should exit to the main screen to check whats the time.

Download Here

9550/9520 – .530 Lyricidal Hybrid

DownLoad Here

1. Install to PC
2. Install this over folder
2a. Shrink your OS if you want
3. Install to phone

1. Install to PC
2. Install this over folder
2a. Shrink your OS if you want
3. Install to phone

This hybrid includes:
– .509 in About screen
– 150+ .530 files
– 25+ .509 files
– The rest .497 files
– Latest: App World, Facebook, Docs2Go, Twitter
– BBHybrids Launcher (Optional)
– Shrink-A-OS (Optional, but recommended)
– BBSAK (Optional, excellent tool)
– BlackBerry Master Control Program (Optional, another excellent tool)
– Multi-language Support

Added Apps:
– BerryBlab (vBulletin client)
– BBHybrids Theme (By Rellims)
– Bolt/Opera(4 or 5) Browser choices
– Poynt
– Google Maps
– UberTwitter
– YouTube

Findings and Fixes

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