gwabbit just updated to v1.0.63

gwabbit just updated to v1.0.63 for both the free and paid version. It is supported by OS 4.6 and above. If you have 4.2 to 4.5  you still have available version 1.051. This new update features the “Flashback”. What does this mean? The “Flashback” makes sure you’ll never miss a contact by placing a note in your inbox. Check this out…

So what is “Flashback” and what does it do”? According to the gwabbitat, it does the following:

If you close an email before gwabbing the contact and adding it to your address book, no worries! gwabbit adds an item to your inbox with the contact name. Just open it and you will see the familiar gwabbit alert — just click and save as usual.

When you save contacts, you’ll find an item in your inbox, marked with the gwabbit wabbit. This keeps you informed of the contacts you added to your address book.

In addition, you will see a gwabbit counter at the top of the screen showing the number of unopened/unsaved contacts detected by gwabbit, similar to the counter for unopened emails or SMS messages.

There are two ways to update. One, by checking your BlackBerry App World if you got your gwabbit from there. You should see a little asterisk by the gwabbit in your apps in My World. Or you can go to the gwabbit site and get it yourself.

I updated mine, and it was pretty neat to see the rabbit in my inbox, integrating nicely. So if you have 4.6 and above, update your gwabbit and enjoy the “Flashback” and never missing a contact again!

update your gwabbit from the gwabbit site here

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