Hybrid Willyboy 9000 v1.1

DownLoad Here

This is a hybrid for the Bold 9000. It is best to run this hybrid off the base OS Then run the .exe and install the hybrid, shrink as necessary, and launch loader.

This is a .461/.509/.530/.536 build.

600+ .509 files
40+ .530 files
500+ .536 files

Wifi is ridiculously fast, you will not find a faster boot time. My 9000 booted up in 1 minute and 10 seconds flat. Overall UI transitions are seamless and the browser hardly lags at all. .509 was a GREAT base OS, but by adding some of the best files from .530 and .536 it got even better.

About screen will read .509 with this build. Check applications>modules or read system using BBSAK to verify that it is installed. The first boot took an abnormally long time for me. Please don’t let this scare you. I promise once you get past that first load you will be impressed.


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